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Step Inside: What’s New At The Whitespace


What do you do with too much of a good thing? Switch things up. Last year we introduced The Whitespace, our shoppable loft and design lab in New York City where we could show off one of the many ways to live with SNOWE classics. We embraced the tensions of warmth and modernity, clean lines and organic shapes, and leaned into subtle shades of neutrals layered with a rich variety of textures.


At left, a lounge area featuring Insta-famous poufs; at right, the new bar.


One year later – with raves from The New York Times, Domino, Fast Company, and more under our belt – we weren’t satisfied just coasting on our good looks. We still wanted a physical space to share our collection in context, but also craved just the right amount of change to keep things feeling fresh – and create space for new products as they’re launched. 


At left, Slate Blue bedding in the bedroom; at right, the entryway softened up with a wall of throws.


That meant looking at The Whitespace with fresh eyes, and identifying the elements and vignettes that could take on a new life. While still, of course, giving shoppers, browsers, and event guests the opportunity to experience the softness of our sheets, the brilliance and superior clink of our wine glasses, and how well our lambswool-cashmere throw wards off the chill.


To make it happen we tapped some of our original design partners while layering in a handful of additional collaborators with especially great taste. We brought in new pieces from Menu as curated by the talented team at TRNK – as well as TRNK’s own sofa, one of the first pieces of furniture they designed in-house. (It looks especially alluring topped with handmade mudcloth pillows from Repeat+World.) We also revisited the like-minded curators of Uprise Art for new works from artists like Brian Kelley, RF Alvarez, and Jordan Sullivan (check out the latter’s dreamy works above the sofa).


The living area is surrounded by art, from the works above the sofa to the views out the window at left.


Beyond bringing in new friends, we rethought how we could entertain old ones. That meant updating the space with new bar inspired by our own palette of neutrals, which makes for a stunning backdrop for brilliant, crystal clear glassware. It’s also our nod to the customers who asked to see a hint more color in the space – we heard you, and toast your smart suggestion.


Thirsty yet? The bar area makes use of a cleverly-repurposed cheese board.


Of course, veteran visitors of The Whitespace will be relieved to see some familiar spaces. The Insta-famous poufs remain, as do signature touches throughout the sleek kitchen, alluring bedroom and bath, and more. Care to compare notes from your last visit, or just make new memories? We’re here for you. Make your appointment (feel free to schedule with friends; we’ll supply the drinks) or check out our upcoming roster of events, from cheese tastings to flower arranging workshops, to… well, we can’t give it all away. But we very well may spill in person.


At left, the library holds varied treasures; at right, the must-sniff scent bar.


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