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The Say-It-With-Gifts Valentine's Day Gift Guide

Couple under a blanket reading, a picture window with a cityscape behind them

Valentine’s Day is tough enough without having to find the perfect something that sends the right message, not too little, not too much. Whether you’re looking for something for your ever-patient partner, bestie, or frenemy, we’ve made some Valentine’s Day pairings to help you get it just right.




If you want to say: There’s no one I’d rather sit in silence with… day after day after day.

May we suggest: Our fringed throw + Book of the Month membership

The honeymoon stage is great and all, but have you tried reading a book across from someone you love without worrying that you might be offending them? Our lambswool and cashmere throw brings the right amount of warmth, like a light hug, and a subscription for curated reading material for the year ahead makes it clear that you’re in for quiet nights or the long haul.


If you want to say: I’m so glad you chose me.

May we suggest: Our wine and cheese set + a Bedford Cheese Shop Gift Certificate

Nothing lets someone know you think they have great taste like the one-two punch of some well-selected entertaining pieces, and a carte blanche to buy whatever wine and cheeses they choose from their our favorite cheese shop.

If you want to say: I know I’m kind of a lot… thank you for dealing with me.

May we suggest: Our rinse and repeat candle + Fig + Yarrow’s bath and body kit

Give the gift of a reset button, by way of our transportive candle (notes of Calla Lilly and Star Anise bring the calm), and then all the tools for a restorative bath spiked with unexpected and detoxifying scents like coffee, cardamom, and mustard.



If you want to say: You are a glorious human being who deserves every luxury.

May we suggest: Our robe + a pint of Tipsy Scoop ice cream

Don’t make your loved ones choose between dessert and booze, when they can kick back with a bowl of ice cream infused with artisanal cocktails. Think: dark chocolate whiskey salted caramel or strawberry white sangria sorbet. Best enjoyed without the constraints of waistbands; this treat is a perfect match for our robe, which will serve as the perfectly cozy uniform/impromptu napkin.


If you want to say: I think it’s time to stir up some trouble...

May we suggest: Our champagne set + a bottle or two of bubbly (your choice) + Fujifilm’s Instax Mini

Instagram is fun but instant photos are far more romantic. This teeny camera delivers prints within minutes of whatever you two get upto when you down those bottles. Your secret’s safe with us, but definitely hold onto those photos: one might make for a great framer for next Valentine’s Day.

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