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Bathe Bundles

Bathe Bundles

Build the linen closet dreams were made of. And never have to share a towel again.

Perfect For:

Bubble Baths

60-second Showers

No-clothes Days

Impromptu Sleepovers

Slow Mornings

Spa Days


4 x Washcloths

4 x Hand Towels

4 x Bath Towels

1 x Bath Mat

The Starter Bathe Bundle

$195 (Save 10%+) ($29 Snowe Retail Value Savings)

13 pieces

6 x Washcloths

6 x Hand Towels

6 x Bath Towels

2 x Bath Mats

The Complete Bathe Bundle

$285 (Save 15%+) ($61 Snowe Retail Value Savings)

20 pieces

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