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Sleep Bundles

Sleep Bundles

The perfect bed is waiting. Layer up your bedscape with a simple upgrade or dive right in to the ultimate sleep situation.

Perfect For:

Early Bedtimes

Lazy Mornings

Power Naps

Pillow Talk

Movie Nights

Fort Nights


1 x Fitted Sheet

1 x Flat Sheet

2 x Pillowcases

1 x Duvet Cover

The Starter Sleep Bundle

$350 (Save 10%+) ($60+ Snowe Retail Value Savings)

5 pieces

1 x Fitted Sheet

1 x Flat Sheet

4 x Pillowcase

1 x Duvet Cover

2 x Pillow Sham

The Complete Sleep Bundle

$460 (Save 15%+) ($60+ Snowe Retail Value Savings)

9 pieces

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