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The secret to the softest-ever linen? Air.

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We've Got Fans

"I never thought I'd be the linen sheet type. These changed my mind."

- Kate D.

"Feels like I’m sleeping on my favorite summer dress! I’m not sure if I can ever go back to my other sheets."

- Megan C.

"What sorcery did you guys use to make linen feel this soft?"

- Omry M.

"It's romantic and opulent, with just the right softness and a gentle, unpretentious wrinkling."

- Alan J.

Linen Fan
Wind-Whipped Softness

Just Add Air

Our Linen is spun and woven from premium Belgian Flax, that’s then blasted, tumbled, and whipped with bursts of air to recreate the well-loved feel of line-dried linen.

Smooth to the Touch

Feel The Difference

Our partner mill in Italy uses innovative technology to soften and relax linen fibers with gusts of wind, before it’s hand-finished to perfection.

Cool All Night

Dream Big

It makes for a linen unlike any others, and sleep like you’ve never experienced before. Dive in to bedding so airy, so buttery soft, honestly, we can’t believe it’s linen.

We’re Airing It All:
Get To Know Linen

How do you turn linen – one of nature’s strongest, roughest materials – into a buttery soft dream? With a blend of old-school Italian wisdom, proprietary technology, and the simplest ingredient of them all: Air.

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